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Glitter Nonsense

Electric Egg Dramatic Drop Statement Glitter Party Earrings

Electric Egg Dramatic Drop Statement Glitter Party Earrings

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Stunning and totally unique statement earrings, hung on sterling silver hooks, lovingly created by Glitter Nonsense.

These earrings start off with dazzling round glitter studs at the top, following by  holographic glitter splodges and two long glitter points dangling down to add to the drama.

These stunning earrings are Ideal for parties, nights out or when you just want unique handmade statement earrings that will stand out.

With a large drop of 9cm and 2cm wide, these are true statement, one-of-a-kind earrings.

Earring details

  • 9cm drop & 2cm wide
  • Hand-mixed, hand-poured resin
  • Custom biodegradable glitter mixes
  • No two pairs are alike
  • Hung on sterling silver hooks

Designed to bring positive energy and a little bit of joy to your day 😊

Handmade in Cheshire, England. Watch Shell creating over on Instagram and TikTok.

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