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Glitter Nonsense

Dreamy Dazzle Colourful Glitter Mix Arch Statement Earrings

Dreamy Dazzle Colourful Glitter Mix Arch Statement Earrings

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These earrings are so cute, designed in some of our favourite colours. You'll find vibrant berry, pastel pink, bubblegum pink and a sprinkle of chunky silver iridescent glitter.

These Dreamy Dazzle arch earrings dangle from round studs which incorporate the same glitters and colours from the arch below and are utterly gorgeous!

Light and so comfortable to wear, these earrings are great for everyday use through to big nights out.

Earring details

  • 4cm long by 1.9cm wide
  • Hand-mixed, hand-poured resin
  • Custom glitter mixes
  • No two pairs are exactly alike
  • Stainless steel butterfly and stud posts

Designed to bring positive energy and a little bit of joy to your day 😊

Handmade in Cheshire, England. Watch Shell creating over on Instagram and TikTok.

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