Etsy Berry colour of the year 2024

Etsy Colour Of The Year 2024 Is A Dreamy Berry Shade

Did you know that every year the trend prediction gurus at Etsy (or perhaps it's the algorithms?) come up with a colour set to be big over the coming months? Not long ago Etsy announced their colour of the year for 2024 and it's a colour I'm not mad at at all. In fact, it's a colour I love almost as much as bubble gum pink or turquoise or lime or lilac...

Etsy Berry Colour of the Year 2024

Etsy names berry as the 2024 colour of the year

We've moved on and grown up a bit from Barbie pink (I got that memo but ignored it and will continue to do so) and we've injected a bit of fun into dusty musty maroon and the resulting lovechild is the bright and vibrant shade of berry which I have to say, I'm obsessed with.


So does this mean you need to immediately repaint your home and adnorn yourself in this shade? Of course not, but for those who like to give a less obvious nod to trends and fashion, wearing berry colours in a subtle way, you know, like, accessories, could be the perfect way to go.

Grey and Beige, It's Time To Do One

I'm so done with understated colours and the inexplicable obsession with grey and beige has driven me to the very edge of despair many times over. I mean, way to suck all the fun out of everything right?!

I don't have beef with those colours per se. Wait, that's a lie, I do - there is never a good excuse for beige, ever, but I do concede that grey can be a great interior colour which is easy to contrast with and provides a lovely backdrop for an otherwise busy, colourful, maximalist interior.  I could also perhaps forgive the odd grey sweater too, but life is a ghastly ordeal for much of the time and the weather in this country is grim enough without dressing like a rain cloud.

Too many of us are so busy trying to blend in and not offend that we appear to be terrified of making any kind of statement, but there are plenty of us who couldn't care less what others think and welcome any chance to inject a bit of colour into our lives.

And remember, just because someone says something is stylish or in vogue, that doesn't mean you have to slavishly follow! If you like berry colours, then great! If you don't? Whatever, do your own thing, but whatever you're doing, step away from the greige and embrace some colour this year.

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